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What defines you?

A: Hey do you know Bob?

B: Which Bob?

A: Oh , Bob. The ***** one.

B: Ahh, yes I know who you’re referring to.


I’m confused.

I’m confused about myself and I’m sure all of us has been there at some point. I’m a pessimist -if you didn’t know that about me and I’m not trying to gain any sympathy from this- so I’ve never really thought highly of myself. But what I have been relatively confident about myself is my intelligence. Not that I think I’m intelligent but I like to pride myself to think that I am a tad bit above average -I’m average or below average in everything else- in that department.  And frankly, besides that, I don’t think I have anything to fall back on, no other talents, no looks, no honourable characteristics. So when I receive bad grades in school, I take it quite hard. This recently happened again, and I’m now a little lost and confused. Should I find another resource to define myself with? Is there some other hidden parts of me that I can possibly utilise? Should I just disregard grades as an indicator of my identity? I’m not convinced by any of these suggestions maybe in time I’ll come up with a good one to re-calibrate my thinking.

So, what’s yours?

What is that one thing that defines you?

Is that what you want to be known for in the first place?

Can you change how you define yourself?

And finally, who decides what defines you?

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Of Political Parties with Religious Banners

I am in the midst of squeezing my dry brain out for a couple more drops of substantial points for my essay. Sadly, that has resulted into nothing but cold dust on an autumn night like this. And thus, this has led me to facebook (who am I kidding, everything leads me to facebook) and I just stumbled upon a post on political parties with a religion banner -Islam mainly- in Malaysia.

I must say I disagree completely with political parties having a religion banner -Islam especially-. To me, especially when said party is consists of Muslims as those holding the upper most posts, playing the religion card should never be the case. If it’s possible parties should not hold the name of the religion at all, keep it aside, put it away, hide it away in that box of unwanted things you need to get rid of. And no this is not me being secular.

Because why would you need a religion banner, religion is not a prop in the first place (sorry for taking that phrase too literally). Just saying that you are a party upholding the views of a religion doesn’t make you a party that actually practices it. Maybe you are a devout believer and convinced that your party is best because it is worshiping God by fighting for sharia’ law and condemning those who do not pratice the religion how you think they should and maybe you are right (who am I to say what’s right or wrong, I’m not playing God here). But I think that there’s more to it than that. As a party filled with muslims, Islam shouldn’t be a name you carry in public, visible to everyone else, but Islam is a practice you carry in your heart that guides your every decision. So no, there really shouldn’t be a choice to have religion as your main fight, it is a given, even if it’s not vocalised.

And by having Islam as the essence, I don’t mean that sharia’ law should be the utmost priority (although i’m not saying that it isn’t either). But really there is so much more responsibility that you have as Muslim leaders, to protect the rights of the non-muslims residing within your vicinity, to rid your people of poverty, to focus on the improvement of the nation’s economy and eradication of unemployment, the fight against bribery and riba’, to stand up for the oppressed (WOMEN! non-muslims, non-bumis, sex-slaves). There are so many more issues that demands attention, issues for you to resolve, issues that screams Islam (just without the banner). And I hope you will, or better yet I hope you are regarding these issues earnestly and I’m just an ignorant person who overlooked all actions taken by your side. Because dear Lord, how wonderful it would be to have a party like this.

The word Islam is not the answer to everything, the practice is.

Maybe i’m just being too idealistic or too preachy or too whiny and for that I apologise and do correct me politely if i’m seeing this all wrong. The possibility is definitely there.

Disclaimer: All views are mine and mine only and I fully accept the responsibility of my words even if it reflects the shallowness and stupidity of myself, a fact I don’t truly deny.

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