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A relationship guru wannabe

I have a lot to say about relationships. But it’s difficult to make people take me seriously. Tell me, who would? A twenty-year-old girl who have never experienced anything outside her little bubble, the same person who is afraid at the idea of even meeting people. If she were to come and preach to me, I would roll my eyes (in my mind at least).

For example, I totally understand how people try to hate their exes or the people who have rejected them so that it’s easier to move on. Some even go to the extend of agreeing with the saying that if you can be friends with them, you still love them or you have never loved them in the first place. But it could be that you may have invested yourself less in the relationship relatively to other people making it easier to move on with your life. Personally for me, I refuse to let myself expect that a relationship is a given goal whenever you have feelings towards someone. The magnitude of my feelings towards a person wouldn’t affect how the other person feels, and I think many might forget that. In fact, we should decrease our expectation of the other person liking us back. Just lie back and be grateful that you are blessed with the ability to like or even love someone. It’s a pleasant ignorant bliss.

And shouldn’t relationships induce happiness? A friend told me that it’s worth going through rough times to be able to experience happy moments. Yes, but not till it becomes a rare occasion, as rare as a meteor shower. If one or both, of the parties are not happy, what is the point of being in a relationship? I’m not saying that it should be all roses and no thorns but there should just generally be more of the former than the latter. When the opposite happens, it’s wise to rethink the relationship.

Just my shallow, unexperienced two cents. Grab a coffee, look out the window and just enjoy the little things in life, like the ‘like’ the guy you fancy just gave you on instagram or the cyclist who just winked when he passed by.


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