I have more words in the shallow pits of my brain that could cover for the both of us,
So don’t you worry about leaving me breathless with the curls of sweet promises that escape from your rosy mouth,
Those you give out sparingly to other girls, telling them that this is just another act of chivalry,
I am telling you being courteous does not equate to having strings attached to your fingers
with unrequited hearts on the other end,
While your other hand wraps around the soul who occupies your thoughts and controls the beats of your hollow ticker.


You are not one bit bad,not one drop evil but definitely not all that innocent either,
And I am not saying all this out of hatred for you, do not give yourself too much credit,
You can choose not to change your ways, it would not affect me now anyway,
The blade has swung one too many times and I have been picking up the scabs that you generously gave as an unwanted life lesson.


I don’t mean to diss, or to make you the antagonist of this imagined story,
But I need to say that I was not a fan of what you did, and I am not a fan of you anymore,
Isn’t that what you wanted? So tell me how does it feel to have something you desire,
You should know you are never to blame, I was just an extra in your two player game.

2 thoughts on “Diminuendo

  1. Siti says:

    You are an amazing writer.

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